Growing exponential wealth over a short time takes highest level of skills, experience and solving emotion paradox. To facilitate, we offer services for trading account and demat account.

Trading account is designed to buy and sell securities on the stock exchange. On opening a trading account, you are assigned a unique trading ID which gives you access to carry out trading activities.

Demat account is a digital locker for holding securities in a paperless / electronic format. On opening a Demat account, you will be given a Demat account number for settlement of trades electronically. In simple terms, it works like a bank account in which you hold, deposit and take out money. In your Demat account too, securities are held, debited and credited.  Furthermore, you do not need to hold any shares to open a demat account. You may also have zero balance in your account.

How to open Demat account?

Step 1: Get in touch with us.

Step 2: Fill the account opening form with documents and copies of ID and address proof along with PAN.

Step 3: Sign an agreement with the Depository Participant (DP) that outlines rights and duties as an investor and DP.

Step 4: The DP will open your account and give a Demat account number – Beneficial Owner Identification Number,

How to open Trading account?

Step 1: Select us as your broker.

Step 2: Fill the account opening form, provide KYC details – submit ID and address proof along with PAN.

Step 3: Undergo application verification process.

Step 4: On successful verification, get details of your trading account and start trading.

We provide broking services in equities, derivatives, commodities, currencies.