In India, the prevailing health care scenario has not been of a high order compared to the developed nations. The kind of medical facilities that are provided by the governments falls grossly inadequate to meet the ever increasing needs felt by citizens. Hence, most often, people are dependent upon private medical facilities, which over the years have become increasingly costly with the advancement in the field of medicine (medical inflation in India has been @ 15% in the past few years). This has thrown up the need for going for voluntary health insurance commonly named as Mediclaim Policy.

Mediclaim Policy

It is a health insurance policy that covers medical expenses up to the sum assured in case of any health emergency. The insurer pays for the treatment cost be it in any accident or illness that led to hospitalization including in-patient cover, day care treatment, etc.

Your Mediclaim will also cover the COVID-19 (Ncov) treatment cost up to the sum assured.

Premium paid on your mediclaim policy can be claimed for tax-exemption benefits u/s 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Few Features and Benefits:

Cost – Effective

Premium paid is worth the risk cover and associated services.

Cashless Treatment

Cashless hospitalisation facility is available in network hospitals.

Pre & Post Hospital Expenses

Covers pre and post hospitalization expenses for 30-60 days and 60-120 days respectively.

Tax Exemption Benefits

Premium paid can be availed as a deduction u/s 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961